Cinematography is one of the most important aspect of film making. Capturing the beauty of the shooting locations or  to make the sets look classy, a cinematography is a key member in the film making department.

So, this is a list of the ten greatest cinematographic masterpieces from Hollywood.

NOTE: These 10 films are based solely on personal opinion and liking. You are free to give your opinion and tell your favorites.

L. A Confidential

Nominated for Oscar Best Cinematography ( 1997), Dante Spinotti

Schindler’s List

Won Oscar Best Cinematography ( 1993), Janusz Kaminski

Lawrence of Arabia

Won Best Cinematography ( 1962), Freddie Young

Ben -Hur

Won Best Cinematography( 1959) , Robert Surtees

A Passage to India

Nominated Best Cinematography(1984) Ernest Day

American Beauty

Won Best Cinematography(1999) Conrad L. Hall


Won Best Cinematography(2009) Mauro Fiore

The Abyss

Nomimated Best Cinematography (1990) Mikael Salomon

The Network

Nominated Best Cinematography(1976), Owen Roizman

The Godfather Part III

Nominated Oscar Best Cinematography ( 1990 ), Gordon Wills

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