World Habitat Day 2019 – Ever heard of migrants and people who leave their native cities for work! Well, a lot of you must have come across them. If explained in detail the World Habitat Day 2019 talks about the right of shelter for everyone, the United Nations thus celebrates the World Habitat Day 2019 on the first Monday of every October, the aim of which is to provide affordable housing for all. The theme of the World Habitat Day 2019 is “Frontier Technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth.”

World Habitat Day 2019

There are three basic elements in a human’s life which are food, cloth and a shelter. But unfortunately a lot of people worldwide do not have access to any of these. Many people come to cities from rural areas to earn money for their families at home. Sometimes, they often end up falling prey false job promises and end up homeless or start working for a lesser salary. Another concern is about world’s climate change. Read out below about the World Habitat Day 2019 Theme, Slogans and How to Celebrate.

world habitat day 2019

Theme of World Habitat Day 2019

The United Nation designates a different theme raising concerns about different topics about the World Habitat crisis. Every year, the entity aims to pay importance to the issues revolving around shelter providing policies. The World Habitat Day 2019 theme is “Frontier Technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth” which simply means that we need to develop new innovations and technologies to use the waste products as the means of wealth. You can read about the different themes of World Habitat Day 2019 since its inception from below.

  • 1986 – Shelter is my right
  • 1987 – Shelter for the homeless
  • 1988 – Shelter and community
  • 1989 -Shelter, Health and Family
  • 1990 – Shelter and Urbanization
  • 1991 -Shelter and living environment
  • 1992 – Shelter and Sustainable development
  • 1993 -Women and Shelter developement
  • 1994 – Home and Family
  • 1995 -Our Neighbourhood
  • 1996 – Urbanization, Citizenship and Human Solidarity
  • 1997 – Future Cities
  • 1998 – Safer Cities
  • 1999 -Cities for all
  • 2000 – Women in Urban Governance
  • 2001 – Cities without slums
  • 2002 – City to City Cooperation
  • 2003 – Water and Sanitation for Cities
  • 2004 – Cities – Engines of Rural Developement
  • 2005 – The Millennium Development Goals and the city
  • 2006 – Cities, Magnets of Hope
  • 2007 – A safe city is just a city
  • 2008 – Harmonious Cities
  • 2009 – Planning our urban future
  • 2010 – Better city, better life
  • 2011 – Cities and Climate Change
  • 2012 -Changing Cities, Building Opportunities
  • 2013 – Urban Mobility
  • 2014 – Voices from Slums
  • 2015 – Public spaces for all
  • 2016 -Housing at the center
  • 2017 – Housing Policies, affordable housing
  • 2018 – Municipal Solid Waste Management

World Habitat Day 2019 Slogans

Slogans are defined as phrases or motivational lines that inspire people about a topic. We can take help from the World Habitat Day 2019 to spread the world about the theme of World Habitat 2019 and also to encourage the authorities and citizens about affordable housing and environmental changes.

Scroll below to find some encouraging slogans on World Habitat Day 2019 and share them on social media or whatsapp to spread the news.

” Homes are important and they are the extensions of who we are.”

” No matter where we go, our home is always the best destination that we could ever have.”

” The best journey is takes you home.”

” Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.”

” Home is where you are love no matter what you are.”

” Home is not a place, it is a feeling.”

” It is not how big a house is, it is how happy the people inside it are.”

world habitat day 2019

How to Celebrate World Habitat Day 2019

The World Habitat Day 2019 is celebrated on the first Monday of every October to create awareness about the significance and importance of affordable housing. It also highlights the need of safe shelter, water and sanitation etc. If you wish to spread the knowledge about the same, you can celebrate the World Habitat Day 2019 by following these steps.

#1 Spread awareness about Future Prospects

It is rightly said that we need to plan out housing scheme so that the future generations do not face the same incidences like their ancestors. If we start spreading awareness and start preparing today, we can easily make our cities more efficient for tomorrow.

#2 Highlight the plight of homelessness

You can also work towards highlighting the plight of homelessness among the citizens of your locality. If people unite and donate they can also create small shelter homes for those in need.

#3 Talk about Environmental Concerns

Over-Population and mismanagement of resources have also become urban challenges that give way to menaces like homelessness of citizens. You can also help them out by requesting the authorities of your locality to create policies regarding the same.

world habitat day 2019

World Habitat Day 2020

The World Habitat Day 2020 will be celebrated on the October 5th which is a Monday. The theme of World Habitat Day 2020 has not been designated yet. People usually celebrate the World Habitat Day by spreading awareness about basic right of adequate shelter for all.

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