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Having a best friend is a blessing! Life would be so boring if you don’t have your best friends around you. They can make a dull day brighter, can make you laugh so hard that your stomach aches. Having fun times, which will turn into memories, in the long run, is precious.

Here is a list of few things which you can only do with your BFF.


Gossip! Who can understand you better than your best friend? And what happens when you both don’t like the same person? Obviously a lot of bitching about that person! And why to spare anyone when you both have the ability to judge any damn being on this planet. You can only gossip with your best friend, who else you can trust blindly?  

Your house is their house

What is the best part of having a best friend? You can treat their house as it is yours. You can walk around their house, cook in the kitchen, sleep in their when even when they are not at home.

Shop till you drop

Can you go shopping with your not so close friends? Only your best friends have the patience to check out all the stores with you before buying anything. Your taste also matches your best friend and you only trust their choice, right? If you did not try out clothes and left the store without buying anything, then what did you do in your life?

Sending Weird Snaps

Sending each other weird and ugly snaps, because why would they judge you? Instead, you will get back even an uglier snap. It is rightly said that “the uglier the snaps the closer the friendship”. 

Sending screenshots

Another thing that only best friends do is sending each other screenshots! Who is going to tell you that how much attention you should pay to the losers around you or what to say to your crush? Of course, your best friend! 

Getting drunk

Getting drunk! There is no fun in drinking if you’re not with your best friends. Crazy memories are created with them, after getting drunk you and your best friends go to the next level of craziness from singing old Hindi songs out loud to dancing like maniacs.

Fantasizing about your dream wedding

Don’t you fantasize about your dream wedding with your best friend? From deciding on the songs for sangeet to the outfits you will wear to your best friend’s wedding.

Having deep conversations

Having a real, deep conversation with your best friend is bliss! Venting out about everything, family, relationship, career, college. You can only tell your deepest darkest secrets to your best friend because obviously, you connect with them on a different level.

Teach each other makeup

Only your best friend can teach you how to do makeup or you both can learn from makeup tutorials and then experiment with each other. Be it your birthday or a family function your best friend will always be there to make you look hotter and beautiful!

Laugh out loud

You can only laugh out loud until you cry on your best friend’s jokes, no matter how lame they are. It goes without saying that the internal jokes that your best friend and you share cannot be understood by any individual on this Earth and they give you those weird looks whenever they see you both laughing.

Your bond with your best friend is irreplaceable and unbreakable. Doing all the wild things, lifting up each other’s mood on a bad day, helping each other out with almost everything, they indeed become your family. Always keep these people close to your heart, no matter how much you fight with them. 

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