The biggest party of the year is here..!! What better way than simply partying & moonwalking your way into the new year. I am a sucker for theme parties, I love them. Are you planning a new year’s eve party? If yes, then I have some perfect THEME party ideas that will make your party a total hoot. If your answer is no, you will want to throw a theme party after reading the theme ideas I have for the party. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started. But before that let me brief you about the drill. I have listed out 6 party themes that are innovative, totally cheeky and easy on the pocket too. Now, can I have the drum roll please..!! *drum rolls* Here are 6 Themes For Your New Year’s Eve Party.


For those of you who are still living under a rock & don’t know what a masquerade is let me break it down to you. A masquerade ball is a concept that was particularly popular in Venice. It is a dance party where every guest wears a mask that covers their face and that’s what makes this theme a perfect idea for your new year’s bash. The mask will hide the true identities of people & help them step out of their comfort zone and let them be their true wild self. So, just make sure EVERYONE wears a mask to the masquerade.


I personally love the 1920’s because I always found it very elegant & very classy. With men & women dressed so plush, this theme is perfect if you plan to throw a sophisticated new year’s bash. Ask all your guests, to dress up like the 20’s era. Serve your guests with fancy cocktails and champagne jello and just welcome new year with the utmost class. You have the liberty of picking up any era you want be it the 50’s or the 80’s that’s totally your call. The 50’s means the rock & roll era whereas the 80’s means the neon colors over the top hairdo and much more. Just pick an era mate.


The cosplay theme is like an open invitation for your guests to dress up like their favorite fictional character be it a cartoon or a character from a serial or a movie. It would be a fun party where you might just end up seeing Joey hitting on Khaleesi you never know.


This theme is basically for all you people who love unicorn, rainbows & skittles. The idea behind throwing a party with this theme is solely to add color to the party. All your guests have to show up wearing three colors at least, your decor should have streamers & confetti & even your menu should have that extra pop of color. Colours really just uplift the mood of the party. So, let your guests welcome the new year with an extra dose of colors.


Dress up like you would for your college prom choose a color code to make it look even more cliche. For instance, make all your female guest wear red & all your male guests wear black. This theme will be a total rock & you will relive your prom days again or just attend your mock prom before you attend your actual prom.


This theme is a dream come true for every Potterhead. Imagine welcoming the new year amidst of the perfect ambiance with snow sculptures, twinkly light and just everything so chic. The potter fan inside me just shed tears of joy after listening to this theme. Take it a notch higher by, sending invites with Hogwarts stamps or something creative.

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