Halloween Costume Ideas for Men- Funny Mens Halloween Costume have always been a hit among single guys cuz they say that humor is a very important element of an eligible bachelor. To be honest, many girls also prefer Classy Mens Halloween Costumes over the former. So, you have to be very precise with the disguise you are choosing for your Halloween Costume this year. If you are confused, you can also check for Best Mens Halloween Costumes which have been in trend since the year 2017 and 2018, this way you will get an idea about how to be different from the crowd this year.

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

The first word that comes to our mind when someone talks about disguising in Funny Halloween Costume for Men is definitely Minions, god they are heck witty. Another shot can be given to the being objects like Pepper, Rasta Banana or an Adult Bag of Weed, the list is endless really. All you have to do is to be really really creative in your ventures. If you are still unable to come up with the ideas. You can check out our list of the Halloween Costume Ideas for Men.

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Christian Grey

halloween costume for men

Wanna go for an elegant look for your Halloween Cosplay, go blind and choose Christian Grey as your inspiration. A very attractive man from the businessman world is sure to swipe anyone’s heart away in a jiffy for sure. For playing him, you need to wear chic tux with your hair done well and good to go attitude.

Jon Snow Costume

halloween costume for men funny

Bring out your cosplay capabilities by being one of the top notch celebrities of the Netflix world ie Jon Snow. You will have to do little efforts to portray him, curate a few thing like Jon Snow like wig, black tee and black trouser, long boots and a John Snow Rob from Amazon. Do not forget to carry a sword with you. You can buy from Amazon for $36.65

Dracula Costume

halloween costume for men classy
Alexis McGuinness

Bored of being the funny one? Go classy with this elegant Dracula costume. There are two ways in which you can disguise as Dracula, one way is to go do the D.I.Y by wearing a tux and vampire teeth spilled with red color depicting blood. Another is to buy the entire costume from Amazon. 

Shrek’s Ginger Bread Costume

halloween costume for men funny

The Ginger Bread Costume is both funny and adorable. This angry gingerbread man is going to have all the cookies in the Halloween Party. You can buy the entire look from Amazon for a price of $36.16. Plus, point you can use this on Christmas.

The Mask Costume

best halloween costume mens

The probability of impressing people by your funny The Mask costume is rather high so make sure all your disguise and attitude falls in the right way. So, the deal is to wear an beige or a white tux with the face mask of the character. You can also do face makeup if required. You can buy from Amazon for $19.98.

Walking Dead Costume

halloween costume ideas men best

Walking Dead or Zombie, one and the same thing. The deal is to look like a dead alive human. All you have to do is wear something really shabby from the head and toe. Now, add some face makeup and walk like a zombie throughout. You can buy from Amazon for $17.99.

Joker Costume

halloween costume men funny

He is one of the most loved antagonist of the industry. For being Joker, you can dress up in a purple color tux along with a long green hair wig for your hairstyle. Make sure you do not leave that wicked smile for even a second. You can buy from Amazon for $21.28.

Mario Costume

halloween costumes for men

The Mario Costume is a perfect way to relive those 90’s era times. So, choose your favorite from Mario or Luigi and fetch your princess from the party. So the deal is to wear red color tee with a denim dungaree shorts. Do not forget the Green color cap Beret please. You can buy from Amazon for $38.99.

Baymax Costume

halloween costumes for men

Girls really love to pose with these kinds of dummies. If you are looking to go for the Baymax costume, just ensure that you buy the very good quality costume. This inflated costume will make you an eye candy for all. You can buy the Baymax Costume for $59.98.

Frankenstein Costume

halloween costumes for men

Become the heart and soul of the party by wearing the evergreen costume from the yesteryear’s. For being Frankenstein, you also need a very serious express on your face. You can buy the entire look from Amazon for $66.51.

Gomez Addams Costume

halloween costume for men funny

Be the part of the Addams Family by being the head member of the family. His amazing Victorian style will prove to be elegant for sure. Do not forget to carry that usual cigar along with you. You can buy the Gomez Adams Costume from Amazon for $99.42.

Ky lo Ren Costume

halloween costume for men ideas

Waiting for the Star Trek, you have always dreamed off? Well go the KYLO REN way for your Halloween Cosplay. We are sure, you will be spook everyone with your selection. You can by this outlandish costume from Amazon for $139.99.

Red Devil Costume

halloween costume for men classy

The ” Screamy Queens” villain Red Devil will raise many goosebumps for sure. If you want to support the petition to make him come back on the television, you can buy this look from Amazon for $28.86.

Happy Halloween ya all!

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