Trick o treat my dear !!

I assume everybody visiting the blog must have watched “The curse of Chucky”, dude, in my opinion, you can never get something more freaky than this creepy guy doll attire. While Being totally suspenseful, it managed to frighten the heck out of people. Halloween is totally a night of costumes, fun, and candy which only happens once in a year in the month of October. Every age group has a role to play in Halloween.

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This festival was started by people known as Celts.

Halloween tradition has also got rich ancient religious beliefs, stories and histories.

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Well let’s get back to the range of 10 attires you can put on and look fabulous in !

Jon Snow Game of Thrones

Nobody can beat you at this one! One of the most expensive selling costumes will absolutely make you feel out of this world. Bring out your cosplay abilities and dive into the character feeling like a top notch celebrity.

Dracula Vampire

This is the creepier yet sexier look to carry. Go buy a velvet black cape for yourself and some red lipstick to nail that sucking blood look. Remember to keep your hair nicely combed.

Shrek’s Gingy costume

This one might be the cutest of em all. The perks of being a ginger man are that your crush might get attracted to your adorable cosplay and take you home to play with.

The mask

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Last year we saw the famous singer Adele, enrobed in the costume of the Mask. Really awesome idea but make sure you get dressed by a makeup artist as face plays the most important role.

The walking dead

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Anybody who is a fan of Game of Thrones would love to dress like one of the characters of the winter fall army. Completing the look with some makeup can prove out to be icing on the cake.

The Joker

Why so serious ?? One of the most loved antagonists in the film industry, He is perfect for guys who are real fans of the Batman series.

Mario and Luigi

I am sure you must have played this vintage game while being a kid, so let’s revive the little Mario in yourself and get thy selves ready for some real adventure.

Baymax / big hero six

This one is a perfect choice for those looking for funny costumes. It stays inflated with small battery powers and a built in fan. And guys you will be really happy to know that girls love to pose with these kinds of dummies. You might also receive a hug if you are lucky enough.

Frankenstein monster

It is one of the most classic costumes. Honestly ! the party won’t pump up if Frankenstein doesn’t show up at all. Ensure that your blazer is at least 3 sizes larger than yours. Fad up the look with a pair of really cool sunglasses and become the modern day Frankenstein.

Gomez Addams from the Addams family

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It is the most lovable and sophisticated Halloween costume in the world. You can get clad up in a striped suit and a pencil stache. And always remember to carry a cigar with you.

Ky lo Ren Costume

As all of you know, he is a dark warrior with a strong force. This look is totally unmatchable and outlandish. Let’s get through the dark world as we wait for the next installment of our favorite Star Wars series.

The red devil

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For those of you who want “ The screamy queens” should come back on the television sets can show your support by wearing that really creepy and loud red mask and dress.

Dressing for the Halloween party can be extremely exciting and spine tingling but be sure whatever you wear is so electrifying that it raises goosebumps.

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