Last Minute Halloween Costumes – Without a Creative Halloween Costume Idea? Well, you gotta be kidding! If you are a tired of listening to comments like these, then just check these easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults that are effortless much. You will find a plenty of options for both men as well as Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Females along with their D.I.Y methods in this article. So, get away with the worries and get check out these ideas & become a part of the cosplay in a jiffy. 

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, the most amazing part of the celebrations is the cosplay. People tend to make preparations for it well in advance. But sometimes, we are so indulged in our wok that we often forget to look about for the options. But yes, there is not need to worry cuz we have a plenty of ideas to help you out. 

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Sia | Cheap Thrills

last minute halloween costume 2021
Julia funny baubles

Do you like Sia’s songs? Are you obsessed with her melodious voice? Well then simple disguise as for the 15th August celebrations. All you need to do is fetch monochrome dress or simply wear a white tee and black tree for the cosplay. But do not forger the bob cut Sia wig for the cosplay though. You can buy it from Amazon for $15.99. 

The Ghost

Halloween costume last minute
practical mama

Well, this is the most effortless Halloween costume which I have ever come across even if you are super late for the cosplay, you can still go for this one without any doubt. All you have to do is take a worn off white or off white bed sheet from your bedroom and wear it head down toe. Do make holes for eyes, nose, and mouth. 


last minute halloween costume

Being Pennywise can be complex but we have a sure shot pro idea to make it as a last minute Halloween Costume.

  • All you have to do is bring a wig from a thrift shop and paint it red.
  • Wear a frilly white frock or men can wear white track suit.
  • Cut out a hole from the red ball and make it a nose.
  • Paint your face white like a joker.
  • Do not forget to carry a Balloon though.

Dancing Girls

halloween last minute costumes

The Dancing Girls from Whatsapp are quite unconventional options for the Halloween but are quite easy to disguise in. You just need a black tee along with black shorts. Now, get a black chart paper, cut it out into creative head bows and paste them on your headband. Tadaa, you are done. 

Walter White

halloween last minute costumes

Love Breaking Bad? Well, no matter how much complex the character is, the cosplay of the character is quite easy to dress up in. All you need to do is get a Green color plaided shirt and team it along with a pair of spectacles, chukka boots and a mustache. 

Audrey Hepburn

last minute halloween costumes
paige by paige

So, always dreamed of the character in ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Well, disguise as the most elegant & classic lady from the history by just wearing a Little Black Dress, Black Gloves, Tiara and soft subtle makeup for the look. Do not forget wearing strappy heels. 

Annabelle Doll

last minute halloween costumes

Scare anyone and everyone off in the party by being the Annabelle Doll. All you need to do is make two rough pigtails or just purchase one from the nearest Halloween Costume store. Wear on some tacky makeup and scare off the world. 


halloween costumes for last minute
coolest parties

Alan for the Hangover series is quite an adorable character for us all. He brings back the hilarious memories from everyone’s favorite movie. All you have to do is wear a colorful tee along with ripped jeans and a side sling bag. Wear extremely curly hair along with the dress. 

The Grumpy Cat

last minute halloween costumes

Since, you do not have the time to purchase a full fledged Grumpy Cat costume from the Halloween store, the Grumpy Cat can only be made possible by wearing a white dress, along with the cat tails and ears. Team up extreme brown makeup for a flashy look. Carry a grumpy look throughout.  

Wind Up Dolls

last minute halloween costumes
clau patron perez

To disguise as a Wind Up Dolls in the Halloween Party,  you can simply wear a Ballerina dress or a check print dress from your wardrobe. Make a key like structure with the help of a cardboard and tie or paste it at the back of your dress. Make your hair look as rough and tack as possible. 

Power Puff Girl

halloween costume for last minute
costume works

Obsessed with one of the famous most shows from Cartoon Network” The Power Puff Girls”, well be one of them by disguising yourself in a light blue color for Blossom, Dark Green Color Dress for Buttercup or the Red Color Dress for Blossom. You can wear a Duct Tape on your waist if you do not have the belt. Also carry some Chemical X. 

Bonus Points : 

  • There are perfect for all those laid back personalities.
  • They won’t break your bank.
  • Will help you out of the mess at the last minute.
  • They are absolutely easy.

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