Have you missed the boat to decide your Halloween costume well in advance? Why worry good buddy? People always love pun intended outfits and the key to arrange everything in a hurry is to stress it out first. Put your brains to work and look for some spooky material at your own place. Halloween falls in the month of October, so you can like always head on with that orange and black dress of yours and disguise as an adorable pumpkin. The rest of you can trust and walk through the door with us.

Get a squint of the line up underneath and decide for yourself. Always ensure if you are comfortable enough in your costume because people tend to make a lot of mistakes in a hurry.

Sia – Cheap Thrills


I personally adore this option because honestly I really love her and would be happy to be disguised as her. Adding it up, this is also really easy to drape as you only need a white and black ensemble with a really big hat and a bob cut wig, one that you can get for just 11$ on Amazon.

The Ghost

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It is the easiest one as you will only need a white bed sheet which you can easily grab from your bed room. Make sure it is an old one because you need to cut two holes for your eyes and one for your mouth.



Head up to that thrift shop and get yourself a red color wig or you can also paint your old ones to red and tie them in two schoolgirl pony tails. Grab a really old white frock with some ripped definitions . Men can don white color tracks to pump up the outfit . You can also add some frills on the shoulders with the help of a chart paper . Paint your face white and put up that red cherry on your nose to draw attention to the face. For those who do not want to paint their face can also buy the Penny wise Mask from Amazon.

Dancing Girls


For all the Whats App lovers, this is not something you aren’t aware of. Retrieve a black tee and a black short from your almirah. I am sure you already own each of them. The next step is to get going on your creative skills, so cut out ear shapes from a black colored chart paper and place them on your head safely with the help of some bobby pins Ta daa you are done!.

To accentuate the look more , you can buy the costume for around 16$ to 21$ from Amazon itself.

Buy a golden bow to amplify the look.

Walter White


Yeah.. Our chance to disguise as one of the famous characters of Breaking Bad. Guess what you absolutely would need nothing from outside to nail this one. Just fetch a ( click the link to buy ) green plaid shirt, glasses, mustache and team them all up with a pair of chukka boots.

Audrey Hepburn


Do want to look more pretty than spooky? Then, girls , this is the right choice for you. Just get a little black dress, black gloves, a cigarette holder, pearl necklace or a tiny tiara to go with. Complete the look up with black heels. Find a little Tiara here.

Annabelle Doll


We are all fans of this hit movie and of course, adore the doll though we are freaky scared  of her. I have a great idea let us all spook people by being like her? You will need a wig with bangs and a braid ( Click to buy) . For more enhanced look you should apply some tacky makeup onto your face and a blood red lipstick to complete the attire.



You can never ever go wrong with this man. He has been the top most comedian in my list since Hangover released. Grab a dull colored tee and ripped jeans with a small shoulder bag. You can probably get up your hair and make them curly as heck.

The Grumpy Cat

We can't even cheer up Grumpy cat. #grumpycat #grumpycathalloween

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Draped in this one, you are going to be the apple of every girl’s eye in the party. In all likelihoods, people will want to take pictures with you. To disguise as the world’s famous meme, you will need a white dress as well as brown cat ears and tail. For makeup, you can go with lots of brown eyeshadow on the cheek area and a beauty blender to smoothen all of it. Click here to buy the pallete for 4$.

Wind Up Dolls

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Pick up any ballerina outfit or a check patterned frock and attach a big size key made up of cardboard or Thermo col. You can also add up some spooky wig of your choice.

Power Puff Girl

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Drape yourself up in either Green, Blue or Red duds and add up a black belt to the outfit. If you happen to miss up on the belt, a black duct tape will prove to be a quick fix for you. Try and carry the chemical – X for an add on the special effect.


There are several advantages attached to these options, some of them are

  • There are perfect for all those laid back personalities.
  • They won’t break your bank.
  • Will help you out of the mess at the last minute.
  • They are absolutely easy.

So be ready for your Trick O Treat and head up to the party like a pro.
Have a fabulous Halloween!

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