Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples – True love is like the ghosts of Halloween, which everyone talks about but a very few have seen. Happy Halloween all you love birds. Halloween is an golden opportunity to keep that spark alive so go crazy with your Creative Couple Costumes Ideas and just slay like no other. According to us, the Best Couples Costumes Ever have been that of Bonnie & Clyde, Chucky & Bride and Barbie & Ken etc. So, choose your Best Couple Costume from this list and win the game. You can either choose Hilarious  Couples Costume or the Sexy ones, you decide.

Go Hot with Halloween Costumes for Women!

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples

Now, how many of you have dreamed of being in an entirely different universe along with the love of your life? I believe most of us imagine being in the world of dreams. Halloween on 31st October comes with a great opportunity to realize these thoughts by becoming spirits & characters. So, catch the flight and choose out the Best of the Best Halloween Costumes for Adults from down below. Remember to be very creative with your couple costume though.

These Trendy Halloween Costume for Men will sweep you off your feet!

Fifty Shades of Grey Costume

halloween costume ideas for couples

Spice up the party with the help of these Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele deck up. There is nothing more effortless than disguising as them because all you need to do is dress up in a work attire which is ofcourse inspired by them.

Flintstones Couple Costume

halloween couple costumes couples funny

Okay, so we have all grown up watching this ace serial from Cartoon Network isn’t it? Go break the monotony of the modern times by disguising like these adorable yesteryear protagonists. Be the cutest Couples as Wilma and Fred.

Magician & Rabbit Costume

halloween costume for couples
Alyssa Goodey

Bunnies and Magicians are inseparable, there is probably no magician in the world who does not flaun this trick of taking out the Bunny from his Hat. Go being the inseparables and make all the other couples very very jealous of you at the party.

Joffrey Baratheon & Sansa Stark Costume

Halloween Costumes for Couples Cute
Janice 🙂 Maiolatesi

Make all the Game of Thrones fans turn heads by disguising as Joffrey and Sansa. A DIY for this costume is a little complex, so according to us you should really buy the costume from Amazon and flaunt it in the party. Do not forget the P.D.A.

Jack & Rose Costume

halloween costumes for couples
Courtney Fritz

Be the angelic Kate Winslet ie Rose & Jack from Titanic and make your love all eternal like the movie. The lady can simply wear a pink gown with a Victorian hairstyle and guys can follow Jack by wearing shabby Victorian dresses.

Skeleton Couple Costume

halloween costume for couples
Lauren Muzzarelli

Kylie & Tyga rocked the look of being the Skeleton Couple long years back, well you can bring it on again too. All you have to do is simply by Skeleton suits for your Halloween Cosplay from Amazon and strike a pose just like they did.

Evie & Pikachu Costume

halloween costume for couples

Pickachu and Evie might sound a little kiddish but that is how you really go hilarious. Being such cute Pokemons will definitely call attention in the Halloween party for you and guess what you can always them for Comic Cons.

Chucky & Bride of Chucky Costume

halloween costume ideas for couples sexy

Wanna spook out everyone at the party, well go the Chucky way cuz it never fails. The girls will have to wear a bridal gown with some Red blood color like spray spilled over it. The guys can wear colorful tees with Dungarees. Do not forget to wear scary makeup.

Cruella & 101 Dalmatians Costume

halloween costumes for couples

If you are an henpecked husband and boyfriend then you should definitely for the mentioned costume. Being Cruella will require a lot of makeup and an exquisite gown which you can buy from Amazon. Guys can disguise as the easy peasy Dalmatian.

Joker & Harley Quinn Costume

halloween costumes for couples

Harley Quinn has always been a sexy option for the girls to disguise in because you can always show your evil track side through it. For Joker, the guys will need a purple color Tux and Green wig and girls can wear white color tee with dual color mini skirt. Keep the attire specific to red and blue.

Popeye & Olive Oyl Costume

Halloween costumes for couples
Laura Mcnalley

Track your health score along with your personal Popeye, the Sailor Man. Become his Olive Oyl by wearing a black tee with a A-line shaped skirt. Tie pigtails and wear really long black stockings with it. Guys can by the Popeye dress from Amazon or any nearby cosplay store.

Storm & Black Panther Costume

halloween costumes for tall couple

To be like Storm & Black Panther, you really need to carry the attire with a strong attitude. Also, a DIY for this costume is quite hard to cater so make sure you buy this costume well in advance from any cosplay store nearby.

Jessie & James Costume

halloween costumes for couples

Be the hilarious Team Rocket by disguising as Jessie & James for the Halloween Party. These guys have been inseparable since the 90’s and definitely need the attention thus. You can simply the Team Rocket Halloween Costume from Amazon. Do not forget to carry the Meowth Toy though.

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