The meaning of colors in Indian culture is quite incredible and why not? After all, we have a diversity which nobody else in the world comprises of. So how many of you are awry about the question that what is the Holi powder actually made of? If you are an Indian, you might be well versed in it. If you are not and want to know all about the Holi colors then we are here to help you with the issue.

Holi is the festival of merriment, on this day people forget their conflicts and fights and make merry together. The main essence of the Holi festival is the colors and the lip-smacking dishes. Thus, it is good to know about the significance of the colors we use. Well, last year I happened to witness a lady on this Holi party and she was telling everybody to just put the violet color on her face and the reason was that it represented Royalty. I know this makes us all go LOL, but people actually follow such color rules. Let us know what the Holi colors actually signify.

Check here to the list of the color hierarchy!


The red color is the Gulal is the most used color on Holi. The Gulal is also used to wish our Gods and Goddesses a Happy Holi. It signifies energy, excitement, ambition and most importantly auspiciousness. Even brides wear red color outfits on their weddings. Red has always been the colors of utmost importance even from the religious point of view. The Hindu Goddesses wear red too.

The blue color is available in different shades and variants. Well, the beautiful color is celebrated because it is actually the color of Lord Krishna who was the Reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The blue color also represents the water element and eventually signifies affection, faith, and spiritual growth.

Look around you, isn’t the environment all about the green color. We can thus make out that the main thing that the color depicts is life. It also represents pride, positiveness, freshness, and coolness. The green also depicts virility.

The amazing and bright shade is the color of the Sun. As the sun represents a new day, the color depicts new beginnings, spiritual path, and knowledge.

The bright yellow color is also everybody’s favorite on the festival of Holi. It depicts prosperity, health, and peace.

Now, that you know the relevance of different colors! You must also know that using chemical colors can be harmful to your skin as well as health. In today’s time, you can trust no one. Even though, the color packet claims that they are herbal, well sometimes they are not. If it is possible for you, please go for organic colors. Also keep your pets & other animals safe on holi.

Here are some easy and simple ways to make organic Holi colors for yourself.

1How to make the green Holi powder at home?

You will need some spinach leaves, coriander leaves, and some refined flour. Grind them all together to attain the natural color.

2How to make the red Holi powder at home?

You will need some dried rose petals and grated beetroot. Grind them all together with some flour and here comes the Gulal.

3How to make the blue Holi powder at home?

You will need some blue Hibiscus petals or indigo leaves. Mix the leaves with some water and grind all the stuff together.

4How to make yellow Holi color powder at home?

This is perhaps the best way to get a glow on your skin even on the festival of Holi. You will need some Haldi (Turmeric) and water and boil them together. Keep stirring to achieve the desired concentration. Also check How to remove Holi Colours / Gulal from Face, Skin, Nails, Clothes

Happy Holi Guys

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