Me, you and perhaps every one of us are really really excited about the festival. I mean like I had searched for the Holi 2018 date in India around months ago. Holi is one of the most amazing festivals which is filled with ample amount of fun and frolic. It is one festival which is also famous outside India, now how awesome is that. Well, Holi is a festival that has its own panache and nobody can resist playing with colors.

” Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi”.

Do you remember how we used to get in a fun mood and throw ice cold water on our friends on that Holi winter morning, well they did the vice versa too! Seems like, we have been experiencing the ice cold water challenge long before it started.

Rang Panchami Date 2018

Holi 2018 Date

Holi 2018 Date

The Holi 2018 date is 2nd of March and it falls on a Friday which is an awesome coincidence because you get a long weekend to get the colors off your face. Like everything in this world has a past, the festival of Holi has a history too. If you want to know more about it, please have a look over here.

Let us know about the week of Holi more precisely, just hold your colors and get into the flow.

Dhulandi 2018

Holi festival is classified into two days, namely the Holika Dahan and the Dhulandi. The Dhulandi date 2018 is 2nd of March and the Holika Dahan will be done on the 1st of March itself. On this day, people play with colors and water guns so as to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Have you observed that after the Dhulandi day, the weather actually changes, you might realize that you feel a little warmth and cheerful kind of atmosphere, well it is said that it is also made because it signifies the start of spring. On Dhulandi, children and adults spray colors on each other. People also use water guns on each other which is my favorite part of this festival. According to me, It is fun to play with water! And I am sure most of you enjoy it heck a lot. The Dhulandi is derived from the word “ Dhuli”.  It is said that even rivals hug it out and sort out their conflicts on this festival. The Holi festival truly brings happiness galore. The Thandai is the major highlight of this festival. Besides, that Gujiya, Puran Poli, Kachori and Dahi Bada is also savored.

Rangpanchami 2018

The Hindu festival Rangpanchami 2018 falls on the day of  Phalgun Krishna Paksha which is 5 days after the festival of Holi i.e. 6th March 2018. It is actually celebrated by throwing the Gulal on each other on the dark fortnight of Phalgun. People widely know this month as the month of “Chet”. It is actually made so as to reduce the aura of the Rajas and Tamas. The bliss of the colors is actually believed to attract the five elements of nature which actually attracts the deities.

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