Top Pawan Singh Holi Songs can be checked out from this article which consists of all his Evergreen Songs have been with their Youtube links. If there is one Bhojpuri Song that you like that ought to be right from Pawan Singh’s album. Some of best songs from Pawan Singh’s old album include “Devra Bada Satawela” and “Bhojpuriya Raja”. Scroll below to the Top Pawan Singh Holi Songs.

Ghumiye Top Devotional Holi Songs Ke Dhun Par.

Dancing on the songs which are based on Holi is a major part of the celebration. Be it Bollywood top Holi songs or Bhojpuri Holi songs all are on the top list of the DJ which are mostly liked by everyone. One of the famous singers of Bhojpuri industry is Pawan Singh who has various hit Holi songs. He is a Bhojpuri playback singer and also has acted in a lot of movies, “Devra Bada Satawela” and “Bhojpuriya Raja” being the famous ones. His best known popular song is “Lollypop Lagelu”, which is a hit number all over the country. He has recently joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to serve the nation.

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Here is a list of his top Bhojpuri Holi songs.

Top Pawan Singh Holi Songs

Holiya Ke Aayil Bahar

The song from the album “Akhiyan Ladhiye Gaeel” is one of the most popular songs that is sung by Pawan Singh along with Sadhana Sargam was released in 2006. The song has a lively and high-spirited music with decent lyrics which you will definitely enjoy dancing on.

Rang Daalab Chaina Ke Masheen Se

This melody with fast tempo will force you to come on the dance floors with your partner and dance crazily. Pawan Singh and Tripti Shaqya together have made this music piece which is liked by most of the people.

Kaisan Ba Saman Salwarwa Mein

The song from the album “Lehardar Holi” was released in 2010 which instantly gained popularity in the areas of Bihar and Jharkhand and can be heard in many Holi parties.

Falana Bo Dharyali Holiya Mein

Pawan Singh has released a new song for the occasion of Holi in the year 2019 as well. The name of the song is Falana Bo Dharyali Holiya Mei. Do check out the beats and the hip hop music that the song has.

Dala Jani Rang

This song from the album “Ham Hai Lootere” is sung by Pawan Singh along with Indu Sonali and lyrics by Munna Dubey. The song with rhythmic beats and fast pace will make you flock enthusiastically.

Babuaan Ke Jaan Hau

The song from the album “Holi Hindustan ke” is sung by Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh, lyrics by Manoj Matalbi. This song is in fashion when it comes to celebrating Holi. The song has a fun element with an essence of romance.

Holere Holri

The song by Pawan Singh, Payal Mukherji and Ashok Sheopuri from the album “Phuchkari Ke Maza” were released in 2002. The music of this song is fast with emotions of joy and excitement along peppy beats which will make your feet tap on the dance floor.

Braj Me Nandlal

The song from the album “Satya” is sung by Pawan Singh, Indu Sonali and Alka Jha and lyrics by Manoj Matalbi. The song is different from common Bhojpuri songs as the tempo of the music is slow with a pinch of spiritual essence. The song is liked by most of the people as it is morally appropriate with no adult content in it.

Chikan Saman

The song is from the album ” Lehanga Lal Ho Jai” and is about 4 minutes and 17 seconds long. You can dance on it on loop definitely.

Rakha Lagake Borolin

The song is sung by Pawan Singh and Mamta Rawat and will force you to get on the dance floor. It is from the album ” Lifafa mein Abeer” and is about 3 minutes long.

There are many other Bhojpuri singers who have songs based on Holi like Manoj Tiwari, Kalpana Patowary, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Ravi Kishan and many more, their songs are joyous with a quirkiness that is mostly missing in Bollywood songs. Bhojpuri songs are usually funny, eccentric with a little bit of adult content to make it amusing for the mass audience. The songs, keeping the video aside, are fun and enjoyable and you can easily dance on these songs in the Holi celebration.

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