The biggest day of your life has ended and now it’s time for a deserved break. Whether you are preparing for a honeymoon trip or you just got back, one thing is unavoidable – a large amount of pictures and footage from the happiest occasion.

Video material from a romantic voyage with a loved one should adequately represent the lovely time spent together and provide you with great memories for years to come. If you are not satisfied with your honeymoon footage or want to make it more romantic and movielike, try using some tips and tricks listed below.

Hire Help

There is no need for stressing out and doing it all alone. The online services of creative video editing are at your disposal. You can dictate and create the story, and the professionals are there to assist and help you achieve your desires. This is an excellent way for getting a perfect honeymoon video that suits your needs, and will help you save both the time and energy needed for this project.

Use the Frames

Adjust your camera to shoot at 24 frames per second. By doing so, you can get the perfect sterile look ideal for video montage. Providing you already have a ton of pictures, choose the clear shots and avoid the blurry ones for a more cinematic feeling.

Pay Attention to the Movement

It’s a lie that you need expensive cameras and equipment to make a “movie”. Steady hands and software tools can provide a well-developed film story. Use a stabilizer for the camera in special events or in the case of shaky hands. While editing, cut the scenes with insufficient lighting or unsteady movement.

Correct the Colors

To make the film look more like a Hollywood movie, the best thing to do is to use the color grading, but don’t get carried away, the point is to look as natural as you can. Get the correct exposure and white balance at the certain spots and add some music for coherence and the sense of warmth.

Perfect Timing

It’s not enough to have the perfect frames, their order is more important. To properly tell a story, frames must follow the story you want to tell. Great timing of the frames will make your film better as a whole.

Helping Hand of the Internet

There are a lot of helpful tutorials on the subject of editing a video. Use them wisely to your advantage. Also, take a look at some free and helpful gadgets for video editing:

  • Pre-Installed Software – For Mac users, check out the iMovie. However, for PC users the Movie Maker 12 can help a lot.
  • Blender – Useful features and special effects.
  • Kate’s Video Toolkit – The perfect choice for the beginners with the ability to stitch multiple videos together and mix audio with the video.
  • Wax – Suitable for adding 2D and 3D effects.
  • Stupeflix – The online video editing tool.
  • AVITrimmer – Easy to use without quality loss.
  • JayCut – Web-based editing tool with numerous features.
  • VideoPad Video Editor – Windows only editor for making the professional looking videos.

All of these tricks can assist in the process of creating the perfect honeymoon movie. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or download some support. Carefully review the material and save those treasured memories by turning them into a piece of art.

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