A couple of days ago, me and my friends were passing by a coffee shop when all of us decided to have a cuppa too. Looking at the menu, suddenly one of my friend Ashley realized that she was awry and much confused about the coffees and their meaning because of which she was unable to decide about the Coffee she actually wanted. The Coffee shops are flooded with a number of types of Coffees and let me tell you that each of them are amazing in their own way. Did you know that there is a song called “ Coffee Latte” and you must hear that if you are a Coffee fan? Down is the list of some popular types of Coffee explained for everybody’s convenience.

The Coffee Latte

Have you ever seen movies and songs where the hero gets a heart or a smiley done in a cup of coffee! Yup, that is done in a cup of Coffee Latte. The froth is basically the unique selling point of the Coffee Latte. It is the coffee with more milk.

The Expresso

If asked in simple words, this coffee is actually a shot of coffee just like the shot of Vodka. The brew time of this kind of coffee is short. The art of making an espresso coffee is just to add some water and coffee beans and you are done.


People who are not fans of bitter tasting Coffee like me can opt for a cup of Cappuccino. It is made up by mixing equal parts of coffee and milk. The amount of water and milk makes the effect of coffee beans quite weaker which helps in making the drink less bitter.


Your inner kid will extremely love this type of Coffee. The essence of Vanilla makes the coffee lip smacking. It is made by bringing together some hot water, coffee, sugar, cocoa syrup and whipped cream if you want.


Okay! We need to accept that we actually love drinking this ice cold drink during the summer months. It is made by bringing together coffee, ice, sugar, water, and some milk if needed. Opt for a large frappe glass because you are not getting over it any sooner.


The Frappuccino is actually the trademark of the Starbucks company but you can also make it at home. Like the name suggests, it is a blend of the ingredients of Cappuccino and the Frappe. You will need lots of ice, sugar, chocolate syrup, espresso and some whole milk.


This is a far related cousin of the Espresso coffee and is perfect for people who want a less of milk proportion in their drinks. It is made by adding a shot of espresso in a hot water cup. People have also started infusing it with sugar.

Irish Coffee

This one is perfect for all the Whiskey lovers out here! It is made by binding together some brown sugar, hot Coffee, cream and most importantly the Irish Coffee.

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