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Friendship Day Cards – Sending cute printable Friendship Day Cards have certainly become the trend of the season. Whether they are handmade cards or from Archies or Amazon, they are special for a reason. You will always find a wit in these Happy Friendship Day Cards which are sure to bring a smile on your dear friend’s face. Scroll down below for the amazing options for Friendship Day Cards that you can buy from Amazon.

Send these wonderful Happy Friendship Day Gifts to your friends.

Friendship Day Cards

When it comes to Friendship Day Cards for best friend, one yearns to find the one with the most amazing message. Well, according to us you should present them with the funny witty card which will prove that you are indeed someone they can not rely upon. Lol, PUN intended.

You can share these awesome Happy Friendship Day Quotes and Messages with your friends.

Minion Card

friendship day cards

Well this yellow and black Minion themed card will remind you of the amazing Despicable Me characters who are everyone’s favorite. Plus it has also has a sweet message on the outside. You can buy the card for Rs. 189 from Amazon.

Handshake Card

friendship day cards

A great way to express your love towards your friend is to give them this pastel colored beautiful card that brings a smile on their face. This Friendship Day Card comes with Friendship Day Band You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 199. 

Hexagon Flower Card

friendship day cards handmade

Creative beings gear up because this Friendship Day Card is totally for ya all. It is a handmade item made form cardboard and colors. The DIY card also a have a fun message written inside it.  You can buy it from  Amazon for Rs. 280.

Funny Owl Cardfriendship day card for best friends

Owls and Friends do go hand in hand because of them keep an eye upon. Well a very bad joke indeed. The best way to make your friend laugh is by giving them a funny card like this. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 209.

3-D Card

friendshp day cards handmade

Really like those handmade crafted Indian artworks? Well, then choose this beautiful card with a bird which will give help you gain compliments indeed. This card is priced at Rs. 249 and has quilled craftwork inside it.

Love Card

handmade friendship day cards

We all love our friends dont we? These friendship day cards have a pinch of love and color in it. You can buy any simple colorful Happy Friendship Day Card from shops nearby.

Scroll Greeting Card

friendship day cards This beautiful Scroll like card is sure to give your friend a prince or princess like. It is a certificate that expresses humor and care. You can buy the card for Rs. 649.

Fruit Card

friendship day cards The Friendship Day Card is really really cute and sends a message about “how a Friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” You can buy it from Amazon or from nearby shop.

Peanut Butter Card

how to make handmade friendship day cards These kinds of Friendship Day Cards are good for your girlfriend because they are thoughtful and sweet. You can check out amazon online or your nearby gift shop for the same.

Simple Card

friendship day cards handmade This sober Friendship Day Card is pretty and beautiful in all ways. You can find these kinds of card in Hallmark or Archies or from nearby shops in your city.

Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day!

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