Friendship Day  is one occasion when you get to honor your relationship with your “brother or sister from another mother” ie your friends.  So, if you are still confused about the question that when is Friendship Day, that is the answer for ya all. Wishing your friends from a distance? cool do not worry just send these Friendship Day Messages along with Images. The Friendship Day this time is on a weekend which makes it a perfect day out with your friends.

Well, Friendship Day is the day of strengthening your bond even more and thus on this day, friends all over the world tie friendship bands on each others wrist. The Friendship Day Gifts are on a rage right now and you can check out some of them from here.

Friendship Day Images work the best for people who live far away from their friends, people usually send them images that have wishes, quotes or messages for instance on them. GIF’s also are a good way to share your feelings with your friends.

Well, in a group of friends, some people are really close to our hearts and there are certain signs that show that they are indeed close to us, the more. There are some signs that segregate the good friends from the other ones. Scroll below to know about them.

You can trust them completely

There is nothing like being doubtful between you and your friend. If you tell them something, you are like dead sure that the secret is quiet safe. The trust level actually is in extreme levels.

There is no emotion you need to hide

You look up to them whenever you are feeling sad, angry or happy. They are usually the first person to know about your state of mind. Your heart probably knows about the source of your emotional support. They are like your emergency contacts.

Secret names and jokes exist

You might relate to this one very easily as no matter where you live and what you do, you and your best friend have jokes and secret names for some people. These stay inside and make you laugh every time it is talked about.

They will know from your face if something is wrong

These people can make out from the face if something is wrong with you. They are able to see that emotion of sadness behind your fake smile. You cannot hide anything from probably. They ll know when you are low.

You can count on them even if you don’t talk everyday

Even if you guys do not talk everyday, your heart knows that there is no kind of hesitation between you two. Even if you call them the after months or days, they will be there for you just like before.

Fights are not stretched

These people do not keep their ego above their friendship as they value the person more than their anger. Even if you guys fight with each other, the things are sorted up really quickly. The arguments are not stretched any further.

You are comfortable enough to ask for favors

You do not hesitate in asking them anything that you need at the moment. They are at your speed dial for situations like these.

You fight for paying the bill

There is nothing such as fights about money between you and them. You guys literally fight with each other for paying bills when you hang out with each other.

They know your passwords

Your best friend knows about your phone and social media accounts passwords and there is nothing like that has to be hidden from them.

You take help from them in replying your crush

Half of the wordings that you put into messages that you sent to your crush or your better half is there’s. The first thing that you do before replying to the text is calling your BFF and discussing with them about what to write.

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