Want to be at the brighter side of life? Want to know about Funny Things to do before you turn 30. Well, one of that is to go the Pizza Hut and ask where Dominos is. Haha! This one was suggested by a friend and is way childish but that is all you call funny and healthy isn’t it? This friend of mine likes to be at the positive side of life and actually has lists of 20 things to do before 30. She has been curating 30 before 30 inspirations for a long time now. So, if you want to know about the must things to do before 30, then there is always an option to take a notepad and jot down all the things you like and have ever dreamt of.

The first and foremost things that people should whether they are turning 20 or 30 is to care less about what other people think of them. It is really inspiring to see people who actually are strong enough to let go of other people’s opinions out of their system. Kudos to all of them. The 15 things all these lists are something that is done for self-accomplishment and the only other motive is to be happy from within as a result.

People who are makeup to such lists are quite enthusiastic about life and thus fulfill their desires until by the age of 30. We all need to have an estimated list of all things that we want to do or have dreamt of in life.

Here are 15 Things To Do Before You Turn 30.

You should attend any of the E.D.M festivals that happen annually or visit Tomorrow land if it is possible for you.

Well, going to music festivals is like living other life altogether and you should definitely experience that once in your life. Dancing and Singing along with the tunes will give you utmost amount of happiness.

Ladies who are down to the road to 30 should make a skin care regime routine and stick to it.

Skincare is very important because you are aging and to maintain your luster, it is very prominent to go by a skincare routine.

Do something big for your parents or for instance start spending time with them more often

Your parents have done a lot for you since you were born. Its time to repay that back and hence you should probably start being there friend and do things for their happiness.

Start doing some charity and help those who are not as privileged you are

Some people are not as lucky as you are.So be a little generous and do some charity in terms of goodness.

Watch all seasons of FRIENDS and Game of Thrones and finish all seasons

Well, watching television series is one thing but series like GOT and FRIENDS is another thing. You ought to watch that definitely because both of them are something that you should not miss.

Take unprivileged students to McDonald’s for a treat someday in a month

For you, McDonald might be a thing of every day but for some, it is a luxury still. So be generous and make them feel on the top of the world.

Volunteer in a Dog or Cat N.G.O near you or the best thing would be to adopt a pet and love him or her as your family.

Well, animals also need to be taken care of and the best thing that you can do is give them love and feed them food. You can also adopt them and this can be done at whatever age you are.

Challenge yourself to take care of your health

For example, give yourself challenges tasks such as taking 8 good hours of sleep, eating healthy and exercising ample amount of hours in a day. Start bribing yourself for doing so.

Learn how to make your signature dish

Lessen the frequency of buying food from outside instead try out making food all by yourself. Learn to make your own signature dish which will work as a thing of inheritance in the family. Possibly! All the best.

Have more meaningful discussions with your spouse

Well, if you have already found out the right one for yourself then it is time to be serious about it. Well, learn how to let go of the grudges and move on to live a more meaningful life.

Start valuing money if you don’t

Well, 20 is certainly an age where people want to enjoy and have the time of their life but saving is the habit which should be developed right in your 20’s.

Don’t be afraid to have friends in different age groups

Don’t limit your friend circle to just your age! Have friends who are elder and have more experience than you in life. You will learn from them a lot. Younger people will teach you to be carefree about things.

Take a trip to the most beautiful place on Earth

Experience the heaven, right on Earth and travel to a place that will make you feel like heaven is not far away.

Go for a makeover

Instill some change in your sense of styling every now and then to make you always feel more enthusiastic.

Write down things you have learned

People fall and rise and in between the failures, they surely learn something. Jot them out so that you never forget them ever.

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