Personally, I have lizards and reptiles in my dream the most number of times. Basically watching a reptile in your dream means that someone who is very close to you is going to betray you. Oh, my God, I get petrified every time I talk about this. Okay, let’s not be negative in the very first place and not talk about gross things. I read a very good quote somewhere that literally spiked up my optimistic level. Here it goes “ God never gives you a dream that matches your budget, he’s not checking your budget, he’s checking your faith”.

Dreams can be very mysterious, positive or even spooky sometimes. Our subconscious mind is a quite notorious being I should say. It’s a myth that whatever you see comes true in life, so please don’t be all panic-stricken. Let’s finally come to the lineup and find out the answers to our questions.

Falling off from a great height

This dream can you wake you up from deep sleep it’s that eerie for anybody. The falling of a person indicates that you are losing control over something in life. It shows that you are fearful of somebody who is going to abdicate you.

Watching a lizard or a snake ( Most fearful of all)

There is a lot of confusion about the interpretation of this one as sometimes watching reptiles indicate a good omen. On the other hand, it is also an attestation of betrayal and unfaithfulness. Encounters with snakes are really tough and complicated to interpret as they are a hell lot of meanings attached to it. They demonstrate healing, transformation or even your hidden passion and sexual energies.

If you dream of somebody dying

This dream is very unpleasant and has awakened me in the middle of the night many numbers of times this month. Dreaming about yourself dying signifies that big changes are ahead of you and if you see someone close to the death bad it usually is a sign that you have to get rid of things that are bothering you or are creating a negative sphere in your life.

If you dream of being kidnapped

This dream can pull out your goosebumps in no time. Being abducted usually denotes that you are being strongly influenced by some other person in your life. Being chased by the person indicates that somebody is threatening you in your real life.

Dreaming of being cheated by your better half

The first thing that you are going to do after waking up in the morning is to check on the belongings over your partner and are going to probably be mad at him or her. The dream you encountered in your dream simply means that you are not getting ample amount of time you deserve or you are worrying way too much of losing your beloved.

” The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately”.

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