Friendship Day brings with it a bunch of surprises and ideas that we surely want to give to our dear buddy. Yes, these friends are the clear cut supporters of our lives and the 5th of August this year is thus reserved for these people. The Friendship Day falls in the month of August every year and on Sundays probably. The Friendship Day Date mostly falls in the first weekend of the month of August. This day is celebrated worldwide and it is not a a just a national occasion now. Happy Friends Day to all of you, we hope you have a pretty good one.

Best Friend Goals are worth deciding because they are a sort of motivation for the both of you. The best friends for both the boys and girls are the same because friendships aren’t differentiated on the basis of gender. For a start, you can look refer to the best friend goals which are present on Tumblr, Instagram and Pintrest.  

Here is a list of some best friend goals that you can refer to and try to achieve them this friendship day.

Wear the same kind of clothes

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You probably can buy the same set of clothes as well as footwear and then flaunt them wherever you go together. If it is possible, keep your accessories similar as well.

Go to a music festival

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If you both are ardent E.D.M fans then it would always have been your dream to visit Sunburn or some music festival for sure. Well, do it together as these are major BFF goals.

Complete a marathon of your favorite sitcom

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BFF’s do have the same choice of sitcoms and Netflix and they can indeed challenge themselves with goals of completing those break less marathons.

Flaunting the same tattoo

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All of the Bff’s usually carry the same kind of attitude and thus same kind of tattoo will add up to the effect a bit more.

Get married on the same day

world close friendship day

Friends forever is not just a word, people who genuinely are serious in their friendship can achieve this goal. Getting married on the same day is definitely something big and goals for any BFF out there.

Getting an apartment with your best friend

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Living around your best friend all the time will prove to be a dream come true. You can laugh out loud together, discuss your problems and find out solutions to them and what not seriously.

Giving each other makeovers

friendship daydate in india

Laughing at each other and an on others is the most common thing that is done in friendships. Giving each other funny makeovers is goals literally.

Being the favorite aunt to each other’s child

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This is one goal that everyone wants to accomplish no matter what. Even kids should know how close the relationship is.

Celebrity Best Friends are in real life give all of us major friendship goals. There are also certain celeb best friends quotes that we always intend to send each other or frame and hung it on the wall. Be it todays or 1990 friendship for genuine friends remain forever. One of my friend also has a best friends goals list that has been inspired from a celeb friendship and she intends to achieve by the end of this year. Now, that is some dedication we must say.

Here is a list of the 5 Celebrity Best Friends who are actually Goals.

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston

friendship day in india

The former FRIENDS stars are best friends in real life as they were in the famous sitcom. Courtney was also the maid of honor at Jennifer Anniston’s wedding. Their friendship is so close that Jenni is actually the godmother of Courtney Cox’s daughter.

Kylie Jenner and Selena Golmez

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They both are really good friends with each other despite being so different. They went to the Coachella Music Festival together this year. Their adorable picture is certainly one to drool over.

Toby Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio

friendship day date in india

The Titanic star and the the American actor from the Spider man franchise are best friends in real life too. They both have been best friends since they gave their first audition together.

Britney Spears and A.J Mclean

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The Toxic singer and the singer from the Backstreet Boys are best friends. She also posted a picture of them together and captioned it that she is a great fan of the hit band of the 90’s era.

Kelly and Beyonce

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The American actress and singer Kelly Rowland is best friends with our dear favorite Beyonce. They both are seen in events together quite a lot. They also give beauty tips to each other.

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