Top 15 Friendship Bands That You Can Buy From Amazon

Do you Buy Friendship Bands for your friends on every Friendship Day? Well, we have all been doing this since the day we gained our consciousness. You probably still remember the days when we had a bunch of friends and we used to buy like hundreds of Friendship Bands for each one of them. The Friendship Bands were segregated by us according to the level of friendship we had for each one of them.

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The really elegant ones were kept for our really close and best friends and for others we used to bring some common ones. The Friendship Day has been commercialized so much that friendship bands for girls and boys are different. You can easily get an ample amount of options for a friendship bracelet on Flipkart, Amazon, and Archies online. We have curated a list of the best Friendship Day Bands here with their prices and reviews. Scroll below to know more.

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The Friendship Bands are also called Friendship Bracelets because they have a deep history attached to them. You can check that from here. If you haven’t bought a friendship band until now its high time that you do buy them. Let your dear pillar of life know what he or she means to you actually. Start scrolling through and click on the links to buy the favorite one.

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Beaded Friendship Band

The beads are available on Amazon for a price of Rs.249 and the beads are actually quite colorful and pretty. This bracelet goes with no matter what dress you wear and so is perfect as an everyday wear as well.

Quotes Friendship Band

You are all aware of the two heart chains that lovers give each other on valentines day and on all those occasions as well, there is one meant for two friends too. This friendship band comes with a heart that says ” we are partners in crime”. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 359.

Friendship Band (Cuff )

The friendship day cuff expresses a very cute message and looks quite elegant as well. This can be tied on your best friend’s wrist as it is an exquisite one. You can buy the band for Rs. 399 from Amazon. 

Dream Catcher Friendship Band

Dream catchers are quite in trend nowadays, Be it wind chimes or decorative pieces, these dream catchers are everyone’s favorite. This friendship band also has a watch in it which makes it a multi-tasker. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 1400.

Heart Shaped Friendship Band

We do love our friends, isn’t it? The heart shaped bracelet is thus meant for those friends who love each other genuinely. You can buy a heart shape band from Amazon for Rs.299 only.

Snitch Friendship Band

The friendship band is perfect for all the Harry Potter fans. The base metal of this band is alloy and hence the quality is superb. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 208.

Pearl Friendship Band

This band is exclusively meant for the girl who is a complete diva. The band is both a bracelet and a ring at the same time. It is quite sophisticated and beautiful. You can buy it for Rs. 95 from Amazon. 

Opal Multi Strand Band

This rose gold friendship band is going to be the apple of your friend’s eyes. Yes, the bracelet is amazingly beautiful. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 449.

Funny Cat Friendship Band

This friendship band is surely for a friend who loves cats and dogs. This band is brown in color and is made from ceramic stone beads. The jute band is handmade. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 299.

Cuff Friendship Band

The friendship band is kind of quirky and is also infused with an antique silver charm. You can simply buy the friendship band for Rs. 349.

Tiny Teddy Friendship Band

A Teddy Bear is every girl’s best buddy and thus giving a friendship band that has a cute and tiny teddy inside it is a very good idea. If you want to impress somebody, then this is the perfect choice for you. You can buy the band for Rs. 249.

Rice Name Friendship Band

This friendship band is quite a special one as it has a both your name on it. The band is colorful and long-lasting. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.229.

Colorful Friendship Band

The colorful 3-D bands really shoot out to your friendship aloud and are big enough to flaunt about your relationship in front of others. You can buy the band for Rs.249.

Multi Beaded Friendship Band

The friendship band comes with a dash of color and several beads clasped together just like your friendship. You can buy the band for Rs.99.

Colorful Woven Friendship Band

No one can ignore the classic pattern of friendship bands and hence here is a set of seven colorful hands weaved bands that you can buy from Amazon for Rs. 669.

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