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Friendship Day 2022! The countdown to it has already started and thus we have very less time to curate the Friendship bands, Friendship Day Gifts for our dear best friends.Its a Sunday, so its gotta be more special. So, if someone asks you to classify friends you have, everyone of us will have a bunch of answers to it. The amazing thing about friends is that they will be with you just whenever you need them. They will support you in your hard times and will laugh with you in your good times. To find kind friends is not a task, if your friendship is bound to happen, it will happen no matter what.

Lets start with a story of about 2 friends first, in a group of girls, there was this one girl who literally gave another her life back. Yes, we are talking about Selena Gomez and her best friend Francia Raisa. The latter gave one of her kidney to Selena because both of hers had failed due to the disease lupus. This one is a realistic as well as an inspiring story. This proves that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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No two humans are the same, hence all our friends differ from each other. We can categorize all our friends in different types. We have curated a list of the distinctive types of friends that we all have in our lives.

The ” I’ll Be There For You” Friend

This one is that strong pillar of your life who will never leave your hand no matter what. They are just like your 3 am friends and probably the best ones out of the lot. Never give up these friends ever in your life.

The ” I Know It All” Friend

These people are intellectuals and have a habit of proving there self right in any kind of discussion or topics that is being talked about. These friends will always try to be the best out of the lot.

The ” Patient Listener” Friend

Listening is something that not everybody can do. These friends are quite and will listen to your issues and things with open ears. They will not try to poke any kind of opinions and suggestions over you but instead will listen to your grievances. You can always talk to them about yourself without them being judgmental.

The ” Always Gossiping ” Friend

These people have all sorts of news about the whole locality or probably the universe we should say. Once you sit with them, assume that you will get all the breaking masala stories for your entertainment.

The ” Show off ” Friend

These people do not need a definition at all, their personalities define them very well. Even if they get something from the flee market, they will define it as a branded one. All there new shopping pictures can always be found on their Instagram feed.

The ” Funny Bones” Friend

Ya all will probably accept that no group can withstand itself without this friend because they are the lives of the gang. They have jokes about every little topic, every person or object. You can never ever have the feeling of boredom while hanging out with them.

The ” Fashion Diva” Friend

This friend is never ever found in his or her PJ’S. You will always find them decked up and with makeup on point. They know the name of every brand just like the alphabets. This friend of yours is always a treat to your eyes.

The “Miser” Friend

These kind of friends are found almost in every group. They do not like to spend money that often and hence when people hangout with each other, they are almost every time busy in their calls or in the washroom when its time to play the bill.

The ” Overly Protective” Friend

This friend is a life savior literally and will take care of you like a mother. They will make sure you are home on time and safe. They will investigate about your could be boyfriend suspiciously. They basically want you to be safe all the time.

The ” Obsessed With Social Media” Friend

Whenever you are hanging with this friend, you will find them snap chatting you, there self and possibly everything around you. They will upload anything and everything on their social media account.

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