The bride and groom are the centers of attraction of the day, besides that there are hell lot options that make the oomph factor of the wedding ceremony pumped up. I am dead sure you are all planned up about the decor, food serving as well as wine tasting but what about the exit . The wedding function is a bliss for the couple, hence it needs to be as heavenly as possible.

Some frenzy kind of exits you both can consider for yourself are listed below.

Punjabi Style

I do not know how many of you know Indian traditions and particularly Punjabi tradition. Being one myself, I would like to recommend the “ Phoolon ki Chadar” that is the blanket of followers that is carried over the bride by her brothers when she walks down the aisle. This can be an extremely awesome idea for the couple as an exit. The significance of this tradition is to make feel the person like something really special and to guide and protect them through the next phase of their life.

Bubble Getaway

This is one of the cheapest and perfect exits that you can actually follow. Lend your guests some good bubble blowing machines and run through the aisle like a pro.

Rose Petals


You can ask your wedding planner to lay a path of red rose petals for you on which only you both can walk with naked feet. Trust me it will feel great and superficially majestic. Besides that, the rose petals will give you a feel of entering the new juncture of life as a bed of roses.

The colorful airplanes

You can ask your friends to blow away little colorful paper made airplanes with best wishes and blessings from them. Trust me you will really feel on the seventh heaven.


The couple can hold each other’s hand and carry a colorful sparkler in one hand each. It will certainly create an illusion of a movie trailer and believe me you are going to get the best photographs of your life during this run-up.

The petal collection


Ask them to curate as many flower petals as they can. Ensure they are vivid and multi colors and of course rid of thorns. This step of yours will create a colorful and enchanting phantasm.


This is perchance the most cliche method of the ceremony exit. Gather a box of life-sized and colorful confetti and ask your relatives and friends to throw it on you profusely while you walk out of the aisle.


You can distribute white colored or multicolored streamers to everybody and enjoy the windy cloudy experience while walking away from all the hustle and bustle.

Bidding goodbye with Lanterns

If your wedding happens to be after the evening hours, it will be quite an ecstasy to watch lit lanterns going all the way up in the sky. This will be a euphoric moment for both of you that you won’t ever forget in life.

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