Out of all the Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi, the easiest of em all is by covering your car with a car cover that normally is available in the market at affordable prices and if you do come across a situation where in your Car or Bike gets all drenched up in colors amidst of all the throwing and playing with colors. You can read out the amazing ways and tips that describe How to Remove Holi Color from Car and Bike from here as well.

It’s a definite fact that everybody loves playing Holi but celebrating the festival without colors and water is quite incomplete in all senses. Well, first things first please understand the fact that the festival of Holi is for us to play. We are not entitled to throw the colors on whatever we like to. Please understand and also make your kids understand that throwing colors on pets or vehicles should be avoided at all costs. 

How to take care of your pets of your Holi

Well, it definitely hurts when someone destroys the look of your car or bike bought by your hard earned money and that too just for fun. The worst part is when someone throws any kind of color or your white car, hard to get rid of it is. Here are some ways in which you can protect your car on Holi.

Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi

Invest in a car cover

tips on how to protect your car from colors on holi

You can buy a waterproof car cover that will save your car from getting all stained from the colors. The Rexburg water resistant car cover is available on Amazon for Rs.1189 and is definitely worth the price. If possible, you can also buy a cover for your car from a nearby car accessory store.

Keep them inside

how to protect your car and bike on holi

If your house has enough space to park your inside the gate, then do so one night before Holi. This way, you can keep your car or bike out of the reach of the kids of your locality. You can simply ask them not to play with colors inside the house’s premises.

Spread awareness

Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi

Just take the permission from the concerned authorities to hold up a meeting regarding spreading awareness about the safety or cars and bikes on the festival of Holi. You can also include kids in the meeting so as to aware them about how it is not good to destroy someone’s belongings like that.

Door handle cover

Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi

Although, people tend to play Holi at their residences, but for people who have to travel to their relative’s homes need to use their cars. Well, it is best not to touch your the door handles of your car with your filthily colored hands. Hence, invest in this Car guys door handle knobs which are transparent but will protect the paint on your car. They are available for a price of Rs.700 on Amazon.

Do not overlook the interiors

Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi

Protection is not only on the outside of the car but for the inside too. The reason being here is when we travel in the car being all colored and drenched in water, we tend to make the seat covers and the interiors dirty. So to overcome that, you can either cover them up with polythene. Besides that, you can also put up a layer of wax on the dashboard, music system etc so as to ensure that the color can easily be removed even if stained.

Cover the interiors with newspaper

Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi

If you are planning to travel on the day of Holi and you do not want your car to get stained, then you can also use a newspaper to curb the stains from getting jammed upon all the seat covers, steering etc.

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Car colored already? Here are some ways in which you can

How to Remove Color from Car and Bike on Holi

Do not use harsh detergents

Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi

If your car has only been splashed with dry colors or colorful water then it is quite easy to get rid of it. You can use a mild car wash shampoo and a soft cloth to take it off. Remember not to scrub, scratch or use some kind of harsh detergent.

Take professional help

Tips to Protect Car and Bike on Holi

If your car paint has been stained by some kind of permanent color then your best bet is to get it checked by a professional. Please do not try to use any kind of removal method on it because you might end up destroying it even more.

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