Halloween Costumes Ideas Clever and Sexy – Well, the days of Hocus Pocus, Funny, Petite and Dirtiest Halloween Costumes are here again. Gone are the days when people used to only dress in a Scariest Halloween Costume! Now, the options range from Morticia Adams to Sexy School Girl to the American Psycho. If you still feel confused, check out our list of the Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas that are Clever and Sexy. 

Cute Halloween Costume for Toddlers 

Halloween Costumes Ideas Clever and Sexy

There is no limit to Sexy Halloween Costumes because they are not just confined to the females. Guys are also searching and brainstorming about the punny ones to impress their lady love. Although, the costume need not be dirty always, they can also be clever minded like in the list down below. Check out options for Halloween Costumes Clever and Sexy. 

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Squad 

Female Sexy Officer Costume

halloween costumes sexy for females

All you criminals beware because the very efficient and sexy female officer is here. If you want to show off your fab gym body, then this costume is the best bet for you. You can buy the costume from the official website of spirithalloweencostume.com for $32.99.

Men’s Baywatch Costume

sexy halloween costumes men

Available for $49,99 on Spirithalloweencostume, this Baywatch inspired costume is a perfect option for anyone who want to flaunt their gym body. The costume is available in a trio of three colors Red, White and Blue. You can also run about to show your bod.

Instagram Post

clever halloween costumes

Instagram is a fad nowadays so it is a clever idea to become  the Instagram post or display for the Halloween Disguise. It is definitely a hidden sexy costume because a lot of girls will get attracted to your very unique prop and probably would also want to be clicked around you. You can make the display at home by following these steps.

  • Take a cardboard sheet and cut it into a shape of a Instagram post.
  • Color and paint with the same colors.
  • Leave space for your face.


clever halloween costumes for couples

If you want everyone at the party to realize that you are sweetest of em all, be a Doughnut! All you need to do is buy a pink or red costume from your nearest Halloween costume store.

Bread and Toast

halloween costumes sexy and clever

Show your chemistry and compassion to the world by wearing these Bread and Toasts costume if you are a couple. You can either buy a readymade costume from a shop try to do a D.I.Y with the help of a carboard cut out.


halloween costumes for men

If you are mathematics genius, then your best bet is to be a Calculator for the party. The Halloween Costume is not just a fun thing but also a clever idea of sending out message about your cleverness and genius nature.

In Relationship

clever halloween costumes

In a relationship costume definitely sends out the message about your punny humor in the party plus it will also earn you a lot of compliments. The steps to flaunt the costume are given in the list below.

  • Take a cubical box and color it
  • Write ” In a Relationship” with a help of a marker.
  • Open the box from two sides and wear it over your clothes.


clever halloween costumes

Be the Greek philosopher Plato for the party with the help of a silk woven and light colored wrap around and a brown beard. The outer logo of the Plato Co. will help you to introduce yourself to everyone in the Halloween party.

Starbucks Coffee Cup

clever halloween costumes

Pay a tribute to your favorite coffee giant ” Starbucks” by being one of their beverages. All you need to do is a little art and craft and you are done Tadaa. Learn from steps below.

  • Cut out a cardboard shaped like a Starbucks Glass
  • Take print out of the logo and paste wherever relevant.
  • Wear a frilly hair band and paste a straw above.

Barbie Costume

clever halloween costumes

Be the Barbie and Ken of the Halloween party with the help of the below given DIY ideas. The costume is both sexy and clever as it needs little efforts.

  • Wear a little pink dress along with pink stilettos.
  • Complete the look with a blonde color wig.
  • Carry along a box like structure.

Rainbow Costume

clever halloween costumes

Try and be the happiness of the costume by being a Pizza or a Rainbow. It is a clever costume because you can actually spread smiles at the Halloween party. You can buy these costumes from Amazon or do a DIY with some colored chart papers.

Burger Costume

clever halloween costumes

Being a Burger is definitely a clever idea to show people how much you love food. You can buy the costume from any nearby Halloween costume store.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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