As it is rightly said that dogs only speak to those beings who know how to listen. Learn to respect the feelings of these mute beings, they will love for your gesture. Of Course, we can stop ourselves from using crackers but that is not the case with everyone in the locality. If you happen to have a pet at home, this is what you can do to ensure his or her security.

The sound menace

Have you ever seen dogs and cuts running here and there in search of a safe and secure place on Diwali that’s because of their intense power of hearing sounds? The sound of the firecrackers is heard with 1000 times more intensity to them. You can buy your pet a pair of earmuffs to save him from all the loud sounds.

Some Food Treat

Your pet might not eat and drink concluding to the stress level on the Diwali day. You should pamper him a lot and feed him up with his favorite food and crackers. Bring some of his favorite binges and give it to him generously.

Provide some Shelter

Please do not let your dogs out in the open on Diwali day so as to keep them safe from the crackers. The loud noise can scare them and make them sick. You should keep them inside a room and can perhaps increase the volume of your television to balance out the noise from outside.

Lessen the Greed

We know it’s Diwali time and we are all stocked up with sweets and stuff but please avoid treating your pet with any kind of crunchy dry fruits, chocolates or sugary sweets. These foods are not feasible for your pet and can be harmful to their gut.

Do not force

If your pet wishes to hide under the bed or almirah, do not drag him out and let him stay there. You can comfort him by drawing out the curtains or drapes and letting him sleep peacefully.

Pamper him

Your dog may feel lonely and depressed about himself. Try to cuddle and hug him. Talk to him with love and if possible stay with him throughout this time.

Change the stroll routine

Take your pooch for a walk before the celebrations begin, preferably in the daytime.

Freshen up air

If it is probable for you, you can also install an air purifier in one of the room and let your pet sleep over there so as to save him and yourself from the pollution menace.

While pets still stay in safer environments, stray animals do not have an option. Hence, if you happen to spot people taming animals with the help of firecrackers, stop them there and then and report them to the police. Also, try and prepare a small shelter for the dogs outside your home and feed them too.

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