World Refugee Day 2019 – This day is for people who have been forced to leave their homes due to a conflict or a war situation. Yes, they are called Refugees. It is celebrated by the U.N. ie the United Nations annually on June 20 throughout the world. The main aim of celebrating the World Refugee Day 2019 is to raise awareness regarding the inhumane situations that Refugee sometimes face. The World Refugee Day calls for attention from people through out the world so as to spread the word about Refugee Protection. Check World Refugee Day 2019 : Date, Theme, Events, Activities and Quotes.

World Refugee Day 2019

The World Refugee Day 2019 came into being in the year 2000 when the United Nations Assembly declared the World Refugee Day to be celebrated in lieu of lending support to the families who either have lost their homes or loved ones due to fleeing from their home to another place across their borders.

World Refugee Day 2019

World Refugee Day 2019 Date

The Date of the World Refugee Day 2019 falls on the June 20 every year and remains constant since its beginning in the year 2000. The Day for Refugees initially had its roots even prior to the celebration of the official World Refugee Day by U.N. The Organisation of African Unity was already celebrating the International Refugee Day which aimed to eradicate colonialism and neo-colonialism in the African Continent. The International Refugee Day was also being celebrated on the June 20th. This day also aimed to reduce Refugee Problems.

Both World Refugee Day and International Refugee Day are celebrated on the June 20th. Another day called the World Day of Migrants and Refugees established by Pope Pius X is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church in the month of January. The origins of the World Day of Migrants date back o the year 1914.

Date / MonthName of Day
JanuaryWorld Day of Migrants and Refugees
June 20 International Refugee Day
June 20 Word Refugee Day
world refugee day 2019

World Refugee Day 2019 Theme

The World Refugee Day 2019 Theme is ” Step With Refugees”, the meaning of which is to walk step by steps towards solidarity with the refugees. The United Nation’s Refugee Agency has called for a movement that asks for donations and fundraising so as to help the refugees rebuild their lives. The Refugees are forced to leave their countries and homes and cover around 1 billion million miles in 12 months worldwide to reach a safe place.

Thus, the United Nations aims to cover the same numerical and make people join the movement of ” Step with the Refugees.” There have been many different themes attached to the World Refugee Day since its inception.

World Refugee Day Theme from 2001 to 2019

Year World Refugee Day Theme
2003Refugee Youth : Building the Future
20101 Refugee Forced to Flee is too many
20111 Refugee without hope is too many
20121 Family Torn apart by war is to many
2013Take 1 minute to support a family forced to flee
2014Migrants and Refugee : Towards a better world
2015With courage let us combine
2016We stand together with refugees
2017Embracing refugees to celebrate our common humanity
2018Now more than ever we need to stand with refugees
2019Step with refugees
world refugee day 2019

World Refugee Day 2019 Events

There are many World Refugee Day events organized by the government as well as the local authorities of some nations on the occasion of World Refugee Day 2019. This year, the United Nations Refugee Agency will be organizing the movements called the ” 1 Billion Miles to Safety”.

Simply put, the above campaign aims to reach its aim towards spreading the word towards the safety of these refugees who have to walk 1 billion miles in 12 months towards a safer place. This movement thus aims to honor the resilience and their determination. In accordance to reach the safest place, these people have to cover dangerous and difficult journeys sometimes also climb hills and trees with kids at their back. The main concerned areas are Sudan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Myanmar and Syria to Jordan.

About the ” 1 Billion Miles to Safety” Campaign

  • As the very step, you have to fill a form with your credentials to join the movement and increase the count.
  • However, you can opt out of the form anytime.
  • Now, you can either join as a Fundraiser or donate and also encourage your family, friends to do so.
  • According to U.N, you can donate $45 each month which can help raise tarps which protect shelters of 3 families each and every month.
  • Your donation will help the authorities to buy medicines, water, food and tents for each family in need.
world refugee day 2019

World Refugee Day 2019 Activities

The World Refugee Day 2019 Activities often include creating awareness about the refugees who are going through the difficulties that rise out because of moving out from their own homes. They are protected by International Laws but are sometimes unaware of the rights that they are bestowed with. Check out what you can do as World Refugee Day 2019 Activities.

# You can spread awareness through Social Media

Social Media is a very strong campaign when it comes to creating awareness about the suffering of Refugees among those you know. Tell them stories about the plights that they suffer and become victims to.

# Plan a ” Refugee Themed Skit”

The best way to convince people is to recite stories and let them know about things through visualization. You will however need to plan the script and depict the story as a skit.

# Plan a small event for Fundraising

You can plan out a small event in lieu of fundraising then donating to the United Nations for helping the refugees. The event can range from anything like artwork display, dance competition or anything that attracts people.

Who is a Refugee?

We have used this word a lot of times through out the article! Are you still confused about the term ” Refugee”. Well simply put, a person or group of people who have to flee their home or their country for reaching a safe place due to effects of wars, battles, natural disasters or any kind of conflict going on in their own region.

Types of Forcibly Displaced People other than Refugees

# State Less Persons

The State less persons are defined as individuals who do not belong to any country. The lack of identification against them rise out due to discriminating sometimes.

# Internally Displaced People

Internally Displaced People are simply defined as people who had to move from one region to another but have not crossed the border of the country.

# Returnees

Returnees are those people who have returned to their country after a very long time of exile.

# Asylum Seekers

The Asylum Seekers are those people who have fled their homes and claim the refugee status.

Important Facts about Refugees

There are a lot of misunderstandings and misconception about Refugees. Scroll below to know about the Important facts that you should definitely know about :

# They are Refugees because they had to flee because of war and conceptions and not according to their own will and hence they are protected by International Law.

# Many Refugees stay very near to their home country possibly in the neighboring country and only 1% of them choose a third country to settle in.

# Many refugees like Syrians are struggling to survive in their home country itself.

World Refugee Day 2019 Quotes

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day 2019, you can raise awareness about the dangers and difficulties that a refugee goes through. You can share these World Refugee Day 2019 Quotes and spread the word. Scroll below to the World Refugee Day 2019 Quotes along with the Images.

” Refugees have no choice but you do.”

world refugee day 2019

” I won’t silently stand just to see others suffer.”

world refugee day 2019

” Migrants and Refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity.”

world refugee day 2019 quotes

” Refugees are not terrorists, they are often the first victim of terrorism.”

world refugee day 2019

” No one leaves the home unless home is the mouth of a Shark.”

world refugee day 2019

” No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

world refugee day 2019

World Refugee Day 2020

The World Refugee Day 2020 will be celebrated on the June 20th in the year 2020 as the dates for the celebration of World Day 2020 do not change every year. The World Refugee Day 2020 Theme has not been decided yet and will be declared in the month of June 2020 by the United Nations Assembly.

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